How to be a Featured Skater

A Featured Skater will have their video posted by Enforml Company on the Facebook and Instagram social platforms, along with having a dedicated post on our Media page. A Featured Skater video will also have our logo at the beginning and end of the video.

To qualify simply make a purchase of $75 or more (including shipping). Then send a video to [email protected] with the following specifications:

  • No longer than 1 minute in length. If it is longer, it will be clipped. Please ensure the video is well lit and of decent quality.
  • Include your order number in the subject line. The order number can be found in your email after placing an order.
  • Include Instagram and Facebook user names so that you can be tagged and notified when posted. Don’t forget to Follow and Like Enforml Company!
  • Bonus Points for videos wearing Enforml Company gear! (not required)

Final product will look similar to this post.

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